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“The dream self is created from identification with objects that arise. For example, you might think: ‘I am angry,’ or ‘It’s a dreadful day.’ But look more closely. If you can see a thought, is that thought you? If you can see an emotion, is it you? You are the seer, not the objects seen. That which is seen is an object that arises and falls — a temporary form. You are that which is looking at those objects as they arise and fall. Even the notion that there is a seer as a separate identity is an object (an idea) in awareness. In looking inward, there is no separate entity there. There is only awareness recognizing awareness. Awareness is not an object. Your true identity is pure seeing itself. This can be fearful if there is a desire to hold onto some identity. But it is absolutely liberating if you see that even that fear is an object in awareness. Suffering happens when you believe that you are your thoughts and emotions. In reality, you are not angry. Anger is arising. It's not actually a dreadful day. The thought: ‘It’s a dreadful day’ is arising in awareness. This is not about denying or suppressing thought and emotion. It is about seeing them for what they really are.”