Welcome to Modern Non-duality, a website about non-duality, or the realization that all is one. No individuals or objects, no you or me, no trees or rocks, no dogs or cats or elephants or protozoa, but rather one universal being simply experiencing reality as itself.

This site aims to be a resource for those wanting to explore the concept of non-duality through a modern lens and ultimately realize their own true nature. It is a work in progress, so things will change.

Coaches & Mentors

Find coaches and mentors around the world who specialize in helping others recognize non-duality and their true nature. Sessions can be in-person but also by telephone and video via Skype, FaceTime, etc.

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Quotes & Pointers

Sometimes the more condensed teachings of a few simple words are all that’s needed to achieve breakthroughs in realization. Learn from the masters, both past and present, on how to change your perspective and recognize reality for what it really is through quotes and pointers.


Learn about non-duality from those who have realized their true nature.

But don't forget the most important factor in realizing awareness is practice, practice and more practice.

Call for Submissions

WANTED: Articles & essays on non-duality

We are seeking well-written articles, essays and pointers on non-duality and spiritual awakenings with non-dual themes.