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Mark Drummond Davis, LCSW, Nondual Therapist and Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mark Drummond Davis, LCSW
Nondual Therapist and Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Languages: English

Session Formats:

Session Formats: In-person, Video/Skype/FaceTime


Each 50-min session is $200.
Fees: Each 50-min session is $200.

About Me

I am a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) based in Corvallis, OR, with a bachelor’s in comparative literature from Harvard and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Smith College. I have worked as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and meditation instructor in many clinical settings. I have also trained in psychedelic integration with clinicians, coaches, and underground guides.

My own path to healing and freedom began in earnest when depression, anxiety, and a gnawing sense of existential emptiness inspired me to take a leave of absence from college and begin practicing meditation. For over a decade, I continued to meditate and sit retreats in Zen, Burmese, and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, including a kyol che retreat at Musangsa Temple in South Korea with Kwan Um Zen Master Dae Bong.

While my meditation practice offered relief from my distress as well as meaningful insights, it wasn’t until I paired meditation with the awakening potential of psychedelics that I finally realized: I am not a person in a body in the universe; instead, subjectively speaking, “universe,” “body,” and “person” are constructs within the boundless continuum of nondual awareness.


I work with nondual pointing-out instructions, guided meditations, and psychedelic integration to awaken clients to the centerless, luminous, inconceivable nature of Awareness.