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Noel (Absolute Awareness)

Noel (Absolute Awareness)


5 Metros Del Dome
Uvita, Puntarenas
Costa Rica
Tel: +506 8588.0214

Location: 5 Metros Del Dome, Uvita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Tel: +506 8588.0214


Languages: English

Session Formats:

Session Formats: Telephone, Video/Skype/FaceTime


$75 - 1 hour session (usuall goes over)
$5-20 Donation - Online Satsang (3rd Fridays of the month)
Fees: $75 - 1 hour session (usuall goes over); $5-20 Donation - Online Satsang (3rd Fridays of the month)

About Me

“All happiness comes from awareness.” — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Many authors, many speakers, all point to one thing: What Is.

I'm extremely grateful for "my" awakening and am currently giving back by guiding in Self Realization, seeing what has been all along.

I also run free non-duality group sessions via livestream every third Friday of the month.

Testimonials, videos, and satsang archives can be found in the website.


Sessions start with a baseline sharing of where you are in your awareness of the nonduality teaching and experiences and then the conversation flows.

While it can be said there is no goal, the intention is to make the single session enough. Follow up questions or comments can be done via email for no charge, or we can set up another session.